Your wedding will unquestionably be the most memorable day in your life. From the venues to the flowers to the dress… you’ve spent the last year or so planning everything in intricate detail..but have you thought about the entertainment?

In the past ten years or so an extremely popular choice has been a magician. This works great as an ice breaker, especially during the quieter parts of the day as often you will have guests who have never met before and the experience of close-up magic will undoubtedly keep everyone talking about what they’re seeing!

So now you’ve decided you’d like a magician you now need to decide on the type of magician you’d like to perform on your big day. Now if you’re looking for a classical magican asking you to ‘pick a card’ or pull sponge balls or coins out of the air then there are many great ones out there to choose from….

However if you’d like something a little different, abit more modern, contemporary and unique then a mind reader might be just what you’re looking for!

Mason King’s mesmorising style of mind reading magic will make your wedding the most memorable experience ever! Guests will be left dumbfounded and still talking about your big day in the many months and years to come!

Rather than being able to reproduce the queen of hearts after a fancy flourish or make silks change colour, a modern mind reader will astonish your guests by telling them personal information that it would be impossible for him to know… such as the name and location of their first kiss… a thought of pin number or password… or even about a recurring dream they’ve been having as of late!

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Overall Mason King will do his utmost to ensure your guests have a uniquely different mind reading experience and to make your day the most memorable day ever. He is extremely flexible regarding as and when he will perform during your big day and will happily do whatever it takes to meet all your requirements. The most popular ways to present Mason King’s services are listed below:

The Wedding Breakfast

This is one of the more popular options as you will often find guests seated with people they have never met before, so to provide an ice breaker and avoid any unwanted awkward silences Mason’s mind reading entertainment can be just the catalyst to bring everyone together in a hybrid of laughter and astonishment. Mason will move from table to table in between courses finishing before the speeches begin. His friendly and professional manner alongside the mind blowing madness will help set up everyone for a memorable day that they will never forget.

During the Photographs

This is the one part of the day where there can be a lot of waiting around for those not involved. This can be a great time for Mason to come in and perform some mind bending entertainment in a very informal mix and mingle type manner. Having Mason perform at this part of the day can eliminate any worries you may have about this and will unquestionably help everything all flow that bit smoother, while people relax and get ready for the evening reception. It also allows guests who can’t make it to the evening reception due to other commitments (children, family, work, etc) the chance to see some fantastic daytime entertainment and leave with some great memories from your big day.

The Evening Reception

This can be the most entertaining part of the day when it comes to your guests reactions to Mason’s mind boggling magic! Once the drinks start flowing and Mason begins to seemingly reach into the depths of your guests minds, the entertainment factor can then often be turned up a notch or ten!!!

Hiring Mason for the evening reception also brings together guests who are just arriving with those who have been present in the day and will provide a night of memorable and mesmorizing entertainment for everyone who has come along to help make your big day that extra bit special!

Next Steps...

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